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Easter gift ideas


Why give only chocolate eggs at Easter? Surprise someone instead with a beautifully crafted Austrian Mint coin exploring a fascinating theme. Your coin will be putting a smile on faces long after the eggs have been eaten.

Bee Box

In addition to a jar of delicious organic honey, produced by the bee colony on the roof of the Münze Österreich building, the set contains seeds, as well as compressed soil and a flowerpot. The set is completed by a silver 5 euro Waggle Dance coin and a wooden model of a bee.

5 Euro coin "Waggle Dance" in silver

The coin makes for a great spring or Easter gift.

5 Euro coin "Waggle Dance" in copper

The bee's "Waggle Dance" is a wonderful phenomenon and one that not only bees themselves benefit from.

Our Vienna Philharmonic Easter Editions

Easter Edition 2023 Vienna Philharmonic in silver

    2018 Vienna Philharmonic Easter edition

Easter Edition 2018 Vienna Philharmonic in silver

    Easter Edition Rabbit

Easter Edition 2016 Vienna Philharmonic in silver

    Vienna Philharmonic 1 Ounce Fine Silver Easter Edition

Easter Edition 2015 Vienna Philharmonic in silver

More Easter Gift Ideas

Waggle Dance Copper Coin

Waggle Dance Silver Coin

Bee Box

    5 euro copper coin set with 6 different Easter coins

5 Euro copper coins Easter set

    Vianna Philharmonic 1/25 ounce packed

1/25 Ounce Fine gold plus packing

    1 Ducat plus Packing

1 Ducat plus Packing

More Easter coins

    5 Euro Easter coin 2020

Friends for Life Easter coin 2020

    2021 Easter Coin

Easter coin 2021 – a little miracle

    5 Euro copper coin Spring awakening

Spring awakening

    5-Euro Easter Bunny reverse

Easter bunny

    5 Euro copper coin, Easter lamb

Easter lamp