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All you need is Love...

But Gold makes an excellent Added Extra.

Chocolate melts, flowers wilt but gold, like true love itself, lasts forever. Not only will the gift of the Austrian Mint’s flagship product, the Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin in gold, put a smile on the face of the one you love, it will always remind them of the moment you gave it to them.

Give the one you love a Vienna Philharmonic pure gold coin this Valentine's day.

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    Vianna Philharmonic 1/25 ounce packed

1/25 Ounce Fine Gold plus Packing

    Special Occasion Medal Love

Historical Silver Love Medal

    angel set copper

Guardian Angels

    10 Euro Silbermünze Die Rose

Silver Coin The Rose

    1/25 Ounce Platinum coin in case

1/25 Ounce Platinum plus Packing

    1 Ducat plus Packing

1 Ducat plus Packing

    5 euro coin Piber

Friends for life Silver coin

    10 Euro Silbermünze Die Rose

The Rose

Among the most culturally significant of all flowers, the rose has played an important role in art, poetry, literature and commerce. In all major religions the rose is linked to the miracle of love, which has led to its main symbolic meaning in the language of flowers.

    Earrings in Silver

Gifts from the Heart

Exquisite gold and silver jewellery featuring love motif