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All you need is love

Chocolate melts, flowers wilt but our products, like true love itself, last forever.

    10 Euro Silbermünze Die Rose

The Rose

Among the most culturally significant of all flowers, the rose has played an important role in art, poetry, literature and commerce. In all major religions the rose is linked to the miracle of love, which has led to its main symbolic meaning in the language of flowers.

Vienna Philharmonic

Ounce Gold Silver Platinum
1/25 oz 92.37 70.75
1/10 oz 202.94
1/4 oz 481.11
1/2 oz 944.72
1 oz 1,810.71 30.02 1,193.59

The Healing Power of the Bear

The serious-looking and good-natured expression of the bear on the Healing Power of the Bear reminds us that we should live in harmony with nature.

Austria’s Unsung Heroines

Our new 50 Euro gold coin series is dedicated to five of Austria’s great women who received far too little attention for their achievements in the arts and sciences. Get now every coin in this series with a series subscription.

    one ducat avers

Again in stock: 1 Ducat

Ducat re-strikes are available with a face value of 1 or 4 ducats. An exclusive red faux lizard presentation case with a white silk cushion and red velvet inlay can be purchased separately.

    Gold Vienna Philharmonic

Vienna philharmonic coins in gold

The coin is available without packaging  or in a fine red case. Special gift-wrapping options are available for all sizes.

Best Sellers

The Healing Power of the Bear

Democracy 2022

blue-ringed octopus

1 Ounce Vienna Philharmonic Fine Gold (999.9)

The marigold uncirculated

The Gold of the Scythians

    Wiener Philharmoniker 1 Unze Silber Avers


Little I-am-me Easter coin


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    Fassade Englisch

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