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Vienna Philharmonic

Ounce Gold Silver Platinum
1/25 oz 79.81 70.10
1/10 oz 171.89
1/4 oz 416.28
1/2 oz 813.38
1 oz 1,580.72 30.16 1,182.80

Gold storage

Your investment in gold is secure. So are the vaults at Münze Österreich, which is precisely where you can store the gold you purchase from us while having the flexibility to access your investment at any time.

Gold savings plan

The gold savings plan is the ideal opportunity to make dreams come true in an uncomplicated way.

    one ducat avers

Golden Ducats, Guilders and Crowns

Austrian Mint historical restrikes offer the investor a unique combination of antique appeal and the value of their gold content.

    Gold Vienna Philharmonic

Vienna philharmonic coins in gold

The coin is available without packaging, in a blisterpack or in a fine red case. Special gift-wrapping options are available for all sizes.

Calendar medals 2022

Calendar medals. Great gifts and collector pieces.

Lucky Tokens 2022

Lucky Tokens. Forge your own good fortune.

Best Sellers

Styracosaurus albertensis

    Gold Vienna Philharmonic

1 Ounce Vienna Philharmonic Fine Gold (999.9)

    10 Euro Silbermünze Die Rose

The rose proof

    20 gramme gold bar

20 Gramme good delivery bar

    silver Vienna philharmonic


    1/10 Ounce Fine Gold plus Packing

1/10 Ounce Fine Gold plus Packing

    100 gramme gold bar

100 gramme good delivery bar


We can now offer you the chance to purchase investment products in gold, silver and platinum around the clock, seven days a week at our Münze Österreich webshop.

    Fassade Englisch

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