FAQs about Returns, Withdrawals and Damage Claims

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You can cancel the orders that were entered in accordance with the Austrian Distance Selling Act (Fernabgabegesetz) for purchases via the online shop, order cards, etc. 

NO right of withdrawal exists for coins and products whose price depends on the development of the rates on the financial markets, over which Münze Österreich AG has no influence. Currently, these include: Vienna Philharmonics in gold, platinum and silver in all denominations, bars in all available sizes and ducats, crowns and gulden in all denominations and Maria-Theresa-Taler uncirculated.

Nor does the right of withdrawal exist for products made to customer specifications, e.g. engraved medals.

There is also no right of withdrawal for products purchased directly from our Austrian Mint Shop in Vienna (Am Heumarkt 1, 1030 Vienna).

For other contracts through the online shop, you are permitted to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without stating a reason. The period begins on receipt of the products.

If you did not receive all of the information pursuant to § 4 (1) no 8 of the Austrian Distance Selling Act (Fernabgabegesetz), the withdrawal period is another 12 months from receipt of the products, but upon subsequent receipt of this information within the aforementioned 12-month period, 14 days from the date the information was issued.

The right of withdrawal may also be exercised by promptly send.

Contact Centre

The statement of withdrawal is to be sent to the following address:

Sales Department
Am Heumarkt 1
A 1030 Vienna

Fax: +43/1/715 86 10

Please return the products to us without delay, but at the latest within 14 days. The return of the products takes place at your expense. Any payments you have made are also reimbursed without delay, but at the latest within 14 days of receiving the products or verification that the products have been returned. A reasonable charge for use, including compensation for any reduction of the fair market value of the products, is withheld by Münze Österreich AG from the reimbursement; taking possession of the products and any necessary examination of the condition and characteristics does not necessarily entail a diminishment in value.

If unable to return all or part of the products received to Münze Österreich AG, or if only possible in a diminished condition, you are to reimburse the value thereof to the extent the products have been to your clear and predominant advantage. Any damage claims shall remain unaffected. Münze Österreich AG is entitled to deduct the amount for replacement from the amount of the reimbursement.

Any objections may be directed to the aforementioned geographical address.

Münze Österreich AG does not operate its own customer service and there are no terms (of guarantee) except for those provided.

Right of Withdrawal

Please check whether the payment deadline has expired. When you have an online user account, you can find the return under the menu Order Overview, if the return already is sent back at the Münze Österreich. Otherwise, please contact us via email.

Contact Centre

Please check whether the payment deadline has expired. Otherwise, please contact verkauf@muenzeoesterreich.at with your customer number.