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General questions

A subscription to Münze Österreich AG is a contract that can be terminated at any time.

Through a subscription, coins of a series or nominal value are reserved for you in the desired quality for a certain period. You therefore secure coins in a timely manner without having to order them individually or risking that the coins are quickly sold out.

For investment products we also offer a gold savings plan.


The series subscription includes all of the coins of a series and automatically ends with the final coin of that series.

With the classic subscription you get all of the coins of a certain nominal value in the desired quality (e.g. all € 10 silver proof-quality coins). The classic subscription ends with a written notice of termination.

Please visit our website and select "Manage subscriptions" in your customer account. To take out a new subscription, click on "New subscription" and choose between "Series subscription" and "Classic subscription".

Your subscription begins with the next issue of the coin in the series or category. If still available, previously issued coins can be ordered separately. When subscribing to a series, the coins of the series that have already appeared and their availability are displayed.

You'll find all of the available coins in the webshop.

Yes, you will receive an email immediately after subscription and you will see the subscription you have successfully completed online immediately in User account/Manage subscriptions.

A change in your subscription is only possible in our webshop by cancelling the current subscription and taking out a new one. 

To do this, please visit our website and in your user account select "Manage subscriptions". To renew or cancel a current coin subscription, select the desired subscription and edit the end date of the subscription in the detail view. Note: if there are fewer than eight weeks between the coin subscription's new end date and the date that the next coin from this subscription is issued, the change is not effective until the subsequent date of issue.

If coins which are subscribed to are not paid or picked up in time, the subscription is automatically cancelled. Our intention with this is to give other customers the chance to obtain the sought-after coins.

You can view your subscriptions in your online customer account once you have registered online. There you can cancel each individual subscription yourself by clicking on the button "Specify end date". When you enter an end date here, your subscription is not continued beyond the date specified.

Thank you for your interest. Register for Münze Österreich free and non-binding newsletter at Service / Newsletter Registration.

If you want to be sure that you always receive a coin, please take out a coin subscription. You can do this yourself online by clicking on the link "New subscription" in your user account under "Manage subscriptions".

Payment and delivery options

This € 1 is only a reservation, which will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. This is to check the validity of your credit card, your credit card account was not charged.

That depends on your desired method of payment:

  • For advance payment by bank transfer, you receive the advance payment invoice approximately three to four weeks prior to issue.
  • For payment by credit card, you are generally sent confirmation of the order two weeks before the coins are issued. 
  • For pick-up in our Austrian Mint Shop in Vienna (Am Heumarkt 1, 1030 Vienna), you receive the pick-up slip by our logistics partners or by e-mail around two weeks prior to the date of issue.

In order to spare you unnecessary waiting times, we urgently recommend that you pick up your coins only after the date of issue. Your order is reserved for you for 14 days from the date of issue.

Your order is automatically cancelled after three times of non-payment or non-collection. Please note that in the case of a subscription, the subscription is automatically cancelled if the products are not purchased.

With subscriptions for which you have selected advance payment, you receive an invoice for each approximately four to six weeks prior to the date of issue. For credit card payments, we charge your credit card approximately 14 days prior to the date of issue. Afterward you receive confirmation of your order. If you collect the products yourself, you receive a confirmation of pick-up approximately two weeks before the pick-up period begins.

Payment MethodByNotification
Credit cardCharged approx. 14 days prior to date of issueReceipt of order confirmation
Payment in the shop (pick-up)Notification approx. 14 days prior to date of issueReceipt of pick-up confirmation
Advance paymentPro-forma invoice sent approx. 4–6 weeks prior to issueReceipt of pro-forma invoice


As a subscriber you have the option of having ordered products sent to you in group deliveries twice yearly. This saves on postage at no additional cost to you. The advantages of half-yearly deliveries are:

  • Lower delivery costs than with individual deliveries.
  • You receive your subscription coins in two half-yearly grouped deliveries.
  • Convenient payment exclusively by credit card.
  • Packages are 100% insured until handed over to you.
  • You do not need to worry about anything. The delivery is sent automatically.
  • If you would like to change or cancel your subscription, this is possible at any time.

The subscription begins with the next issue of the respective type of coin subscribed for. If you pay by credit card, your card will be charged around two weeks before the date of issue. You will receive no separate information about the direct debit.Half-yearly delivery subscriptions are only possible with payment by credit card. Coins issued from January to June: shipment after the issue date of the last coin issued in June. Coins issued from July to December: shipment after the issue date of the last coin issued in December. Payment is taken around two weeks before the second half-yearly issue. 

Please contact us directly. It is only possible to switch to half-year delivery in June/July (for the 2nd half of the year) or in December for the 1st half of the following year.

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No, you can freely choose between individual and half-year shipment.

No, shipping costs are incurred only once per half-year, according to the total value of the shipment.

No, unfortunately that's not possible. Please order the coins of a series that have already been issued under www.muenzeoesterreich.at as long as they are still available.

You can view your subscriptions in your web account under User Account/Manage subscriptions. If you have any questions, please contact our contact centre and provide your customer number. We will be pleased to assist you.

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