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5 Euro Silver Austrian Armed Forces Coin SU

  • Special Uncirculated
  • Comes in a blister pack featuring information in German and English
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Maximum order quantity: 10

In addition to their duty to defend Austrian territory, the Austrian Armed Forces (Bundesheer) play a vital role in international peacekeeping and humanitarian relief missions, and also provide invaluable assistance in cases of natural disaster. Commemorating the foundation of the Bundesheer in 1955, this dynamic 5 euro coin pays homage to the brave men and women who have been performing those duties for the past 60 years.

Signed on 15 May 1955, the Austria State Treaty brought an end to the occupation of the country in the aftermath of the Second World War and re-established Austria as an independent and democratic sovereign state. The treaty also paved the way for the foundation of the Austrian Armed Forces later the same year. The S-70 Black Hawk military transport helicopter, shown carrying out a rescue operation on the coin’s reverse, is symbolic of the vital role those forces play in protecting and assisting citizens, as is the soldier on a peacekeeping mission alongside the slogan ‘Schutz und Hilfe’ (protection and assistance) on the right of the coin. The coin’s obverse shows the coats of arms of the nine federal provinces of Austria.

Product No. 20399
Date of Issue 6 May 2015
Quality Special Uncirculated
Occasion Father's day
Face Value 5 Euro
Diameter 28.50 mm
Coin Design Mag. Helmut Andexlinger, Herbert Wähner
Alloy Silver Ag 800
Fine Weight 8.00 g
Total Weight 10.00 g
Packaging Comes in a blister pack featuring information in German and English
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