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Vienna Philharmonic

Ounce Gold Silver Platinum
1/25 oz 59.90 60.70
1/10 oz 131.00
1/4 oz 317.00
1/2 oz 618.00
1 oz 1,203.00 19.92 927.00
gold bars 302x302

Gold Bars

Our Good Delivery gold bars range from 1 gramme to 1 kilo.

Teaser ducats, Guilders, Crowns 302x302

Golden Ducats, Guilders and Crowns

Struck in accordance with their original dies, long after the year of issue shown on them, Austrian Mint historical restrikes offer the investor a unique combination of antique appeal and the value of their gold content.

50 euro gold coin Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl gold coin

The author of 32 books and the recipient of 29 honorary doctorates, Viennese neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl was most famous for his bestselling book Man's Search for Meaning.

Collector case for the series Vienna Schools of Psychotherapie

The Vienna Schools of Psychotherapy Collector Case

Complete with a decorative slipcase featuring a period picture of a patient lying on a psychoanalyst’s couch, this elegant black wooden case is the perfect place to protect and store the superb three gold 50 euro coins.

reaching for the sky avers

The Dream of Flight

Celebrating the story of manned flight, from the first fearless pioneers to the crowded skies of today...

Fassade Englisch

Opening Hours

Am Heumarkt 1
1030 Vienna

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9.00 – 16.00
Wednesday 9.00 – 18.00

Euro Proof Coin Set

Official Austrian Euro coin set 2019 proof quality

This complete euro coin set comprises each of the Proof quality euro and cent coins in circulation.

Euro Coin Set

Official Austrian Euro coin set 2019

The Official Austrian Euro Coin Set 2019 celebrates the 825th anniversary of the Vienna Mint. 

Baby Euro Coin Set

Baby euro coin set 2019

The Austrian Mint’s Baby Euro Coin Set is the ideal memento of the wondrous occasion.

Best Sellers

3-euro coin colourful creatures 2019 the turtle sold out

the turtle

collectors album knights tales

Collector album Knights' Tales

1 oz Vienna Philharmonic

1 Ounce Vienna Philharmonic Fine Gold (999.9)

Silver bullion coin Leopold V  sold out

Silver bullion coin Leopold V

1/10 Ounce Fine Gold plus Packing

1/10 Ounce Fine Gold plus Packing

100 gramme gold bar

100 gramme good delivery bar

20 gramme gold bar

20 Gramme good delivery bar