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The Gold of the Scythians

The Gold of the Scythians is the fourth coin in The Magic of Gold series, which traces the mysterious nature of gold in ancient cultures.

The Mint on Tour - We're coming to you

Münze Österreich AG is touring the nine federal provinces of Austria to introduce you to our 5 euro Democracy coin. The copper edition is made from copper taken from the former roof of the Parliament building in Vienna. In this way, we are taking a little piece of the Parliament to all the country’s regions.

Vienna Philharmonic

Ounce Gold Silver Platinum
1/25 oz 89.77 68.41
1/10 oz 191.81
1/4 oz 463.78
1/2 oz 904.61
1 oz 1,754.80 28.31 1,154.05

Gold storage

Your investment in gold is secure. So are the vaults at Münze Österreich, which is precisely where you can store the gold you purchase from us while having the flexibility to access your investment at any time.

Investing in Gold

There are many arguments in favour of investing in gold. As well as being tax-free, gold is an excellent way to preserve the value of savings and always offers liquidity.

Best Sellers

Ornithomimus velox

    Wiener Philharmoniker 1 Unze Gold Avers

1 Ounce Vienna Philharmonic Fine Gold (999.9)

The marigold uncirculated

    Wiener Philharmoniker 1 Unze Silber Avers


Happiness is a bird

Little I-am-me Easter coin