Coin subscription

Series Subscription

You are guaranteed to secure all coins in a complete coin series.

2024 10 Euro Pfingstrose
Classic Coin Subscription

You are guaranteed not to miss an issue of your favourite coins.

2024 5 Euro Auf Dem Weg
The Smallprint

A coin subscription always begins with the next issue of the type of coin for which you have subscribed. When paying by credit card, the card will be charged approximately two weeks before the date of issue. You will not receive any separate information about this transaction.

Half-yearly deliveries are only possible if the subscription is paid by credit card. All coin issues corresponding to the first half of the year are sent out in June. All coin issues corresponding to the second half of the year are sent from the date of the last issue in December. You will be charged roughly three weeks before the last issue in each six-month period.

Further information concerning coin subscription you find in our FAQ area.

Coin Subscription FAQs